Sound Choice, Inc. 

                                                                                                           Respirator Fit Testing

  • Quantitative fit testing (Portacount)
  • Your employee will be more confident that the respirator they have chosen, when worn correctly, is protecting them
  • Testing conducted during normal work hours - employees do not have to leave the work site.

                                                                                               Hearing Conservation

  • On Site testing is conducted in our mobile units - up to 6 employees at a time.
  • Our units are equipped with the newest state of the art microprocessor testing equipment. 
  • Sound level is continuously monitored and audiometers will pause if acceptable noise levels are exceeded.
  • Audiometer instructions are available in multiple languages. 
  • ‚ÄčTest results are explained to employees immediately after the test is finished. 
  • Otoscopic examinations available.
  • Video hearing conservation training available in English and Spanish simultaneously!
  • Testing is performed to OSHA Standards by CAOHC certified technicians and evaluated by Certified Audiologists. All data is tracked using Occupational Health Manager.
  • You receive a preliminary report before we leave the site, with all the necessary details. After our Certified Audiologist has reviewed the results you receive a letter explaining the required actions.
  • No hassles in changing vendors! All  previous test results are entered in our computer system at no additional cost. 

Our 3 mobile units allow us the flexibility to come to your location and provide our services. With our competitive prices and friendly staff we can help your company maintain it's compliance with OSHA with little to no hassle to your daily productivity.  

Medical Clearance Exams

  • We utilize microprocessor Pulmonary Function testing equipment.
  • Full physicals and other testing is also available.
  • All medical testing is evaluated and certified by a Board Certified Occupational Physician.
  • You receive a letter listing Medical Clearance for each individual in a format that meets OSHA standard and is very easy to understand.
  • Each employee receives a confidential letter explaining the results of their tests.